Butterflies, Bees, Gardens and Trees
Informative Nature Sessions
Held the Second Monday Each Month
April-July 2018

Alternative Energy: Solar Panels and Wind Power
April 9th at 7PM
Ed and Elizabeth Anderson will walk you through an overview of renewable energy applications that you can do without advanced skills to help make you part of the solution and save money!

Keeping Bees
May 14th at 7PM

Arvin Pierce, of ABC Bees, will guide you through the trials and tribulations of keeping bees and show off his amazing photography.

It's All Latin to Me! An Explanation of Botanical names
June 11th at 7PM

Ken Johnson, of the Morgan County U of I Extension Office, will take some of the mystery out of plant names and help explain the history behind them.

To Fertilize or Not to Fertilize, That is the Question
July 9th at 7PM

Duane Friend, of the Morgan County U of I Extension Office, will help you to figure out the different kinds of soil and what you need to know to keep you lawn and flowers beautiful.