Who shot President John F. Kennedy?
Saturday, November 25th at 10AM

A group of local Kennedy enthusiasts are gathering at the library to watch a film and discuss their theories on the still controversial 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Ask questions or add your thoughts to the conversation. Refreshments will be served.

In recent news, President Trump has announced that he will release the last of the sealed documents related to the assassination. Read more.

Some of the most popular theories about the assassination are:

The CIA was upset about the changes being made within the agency after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. The CIA also did not want Kennedy to discharge CIA agents for disagreeing with him.

The Mafia
The Mob was angry with efforts by brother Robert Kennedy, who served as Attorney General during the Kennedy administration, to crack down on organized crime. Another involves a theory that the Mafia was working with anti-Castro exile groups that were trying to take down JFK.

The Soviets
The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 gave the Soviet security agency KGB very good reasons not to like Kennedy. Some speculate that Oswald, an ex-Marine who tried to defect to the Soviet Union in the late 1950s, was acting as a KGB operative.

Lyndon Johnson
Some argue that Vice President Johnson was motivated by political gain to organize Kennedy's assassination.

A Second Shooter
The idea that there could have been a second shooter has been discussed often in intellectual circles. Some believe the shooter was hiding on a grassy knoll behind a picket fence that was located to the right of JFK's vehicle.