• Geeky Girls and Full STEAM Ahead
    We are back to our regular schedule for our STEAM sessions, for the most part. There will be no Little Learners in August, but Geeky Girls and both Full STEAM Ahead sessions will take place on their normal days. Join us for Geeky Girls on Aug. 17th and Full STEAM Ahead on Aug. 21st and 24th!

  • We have a fun challenge for Lego Club this week! What can you build in one minute BUT you have to keep the Lego's in the bag! Come try our challenge and have fun building TODAY from 2:30-4:30PM! The Parade doesn't start until 4PM so come build with us first!
  • Geeky Girls
    Join us on Friday, Sept. 21st from 3:30-4:30PM for Geeky Girls! We will be making buttons!

  • Lap Sit
    Lap Sit is a playgroup for kids up to five years old and their caregivers. It's a time to learn, to play and to socialize! Join us just about every Friday from 10:15-11:00AM for a fun time!

  • Story Time
    Who doesn't love a picnic? Who can resist stories about picnics? No one can! Join us on Wednesday, Aug. 29th at 10AM and 3PM for Story Time!

  • Lap Sit
    We will be learning about shapes at Lap Sit on Friday, Aug. 24th at 10:15AM!

  • Full STEAM Ahead
    Join us on Friday, Aug. 24th for Full STEAM Ahead as we work on a rube goldberg machine called a Crazy Contraption! Registration required.

Geeky Girls

Join us on Friday, Sept. 21st from 3:30-4: 30 PM for Geeky Girls! We will be making buttons!


Story Time in September

We are going to have lots of fun in September as we read lots of great stories!

Sept. 19th Talk Like a Pirate Story Time
Sept, 26th Johnny Appleseed Story Time
Join us for stories, songs, poems and more as we read some great books and make new friends every Wednesday at 10 AM and 3 PM.


Children's Music Festival & Kids' Market

Sept. 22nd 10am-1pm

Join us for some great kid's music by Kevin Farris at 10 AM, Duke Otherwise at 11 AM and Mike Lockett at Noon!
Kevin Farris was one of our most popular Summer Reading performers and we asked him to return for another show! Check him out here.
Duke Otherwise is a hot, up and coming performer that will get you up and dancing and maybe even get your kid to eat their vegetables! Check out his video here.
Mike Lockett is a seasoned storyteller who has traveled the world entertaining kids with his tales! See one of his stories here.

Come for the music and stories, stay for the Kids' Market and Friends of the Library Book Sale!

Kids' Market at the Children's Music Festival

We will be offering a Kids' Market at our Children's Music Festival on
Saturday, Sept. 22nd.
What is a Kids' Market, you ask?
It is a great opportunity for your kids to have a chance to learn about entrepreneurialism! Kids have to think out their whole business plan.
Before the Market - What do they want to make? How much will it cost to make it? What will they charge for it? How will they finance this endeavor?
At the Market - Do they need to change their prices? Is my signage blowing away in the wind?
After the Market - Did they have fun? Did they make money or lose money? What did we learn from this experience?

Kids can make whatever they want, but it can not be a food product. You can use food ingredients to make an item, such as a foot scrub, but you can not make cookies or other food products.

This is a great opportunity for kids to have fun making stuff, work on their business skills and (hopefully) make some money in the process!

What to be a part of this?
We have a sign-up sheet at the Youth Services Desk with complete information. You will be given half of an 8' table, but you will need to bring your own chairs. You can bring whatever signage you like, but think about how it will hold up in the wind! Don't forget to bring change for your transactions!

Lap Sit

August and September

Lap Sit continues on through August and September at 10:15 AM on Fridays and we welcome friends, new and old, to come and play! We will have some fun ideas for you try here and at home as we explore a new topic each week.
Aug. 24th Shapes
Sept. 7th Playdoh
Sept. 14th Squish
Sept. 21st Painting
Sept. 28th Wiggly

S.T.E.A.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Thanks to a generous grant from the Jacksonville Children's Foundation, we are now able to offer ongoing S.T.E.A.M. programming that will include animation, electronics, 3D printing and more!

Learn more!


Lap Sit

Early Years is back!

Lap Sit is our playgroup for kids 5 and under and the important people in their lives. This is a program that we run year round, every Friday at 10:15 AM. We are happy to announce that the Early Years staff is back to help us out and is bringing some great ideas and cool toys! Join us for a time to play and learn!